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Here Be Dragons Recordings


To celebrate 25 years since the the debut CD from Here Be Dragons, the band have reworked the album and added bonus tracks.

Alcohol&Rain (25).bmp
01 Lockdown Dragons Front Cover (JPEG).jpg


An album of mainly tradition Welsh songs to coincide with the Rugby World Cup. There are a few Mike Brooks originals too.

Album Cover - TYOTD.jpg


Released in 2007, the third Here Be Dragons album. This coincided with the band's appearance at the Chicago Celtic Festival.


2020 was the year of band members in isolation. Many bands did "Lockdown" concerts. Here Be Dragons were no exception.

Album Cover - Gwlad.jpg


After an eight year gap since "Bright New tomorrow", Here Be Dragons returned with 15 brand new songs.

01 Front Cover JPG.JPG
Album Cover - CelticBonding.jpg

(1998) / (2003)

The debut album from Here Be Dragons. The album was first released on cassette in 1997, then on CD with extra tracks in 1998. In 2003 the band remastered the album, removed one track, added two and reworked a couple of others to come up with the album we know today.

01 Gargling With Brains - Front Cover.bmp


Here Be Dragons second album contains many songs that were the mainstay of the band's set list for many years.


(1995) / (2013)

The first recording by Here Be dragons was a nine song cassette in 1995. Most of the tracks were re-recorded for the first "proper album" Alcohol & Rain a couple of years later. In 2013 the band decided to make the old tape available on CD for the first time when a few extras from that period were added as bonus tracks.

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