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Alcohol & Rain (2023)

Here Be Dragons 25th Anniversary Edition of debut album from 1998.

Each track has been either remixed (remix) or reworked (25) from the original demo tapes (Yes it was Reel to Reel recording back in 1998!). We went back to each track and made tweaks to some tracks to bring them closer to the versions we perform as the songs evolved over the years with added vocals etc. Other tracks were simply remixed.


We'd taken two takes for Sean and chosen the faster one back in 1998 but now prefer the slower one. Also we've added some bonus tracks...

"Child Of The Ocean" was Pat's song and he'd left the band by 2003, it got replaced with two songs from the original sessions "Hair Of The Dog That Bit Me" and "Laura". In addition the tracks "Alcohol & Rain" and "Calon Lan" were added to and improved.

1. Milgi Milgi (25)
2. The Modena Rambler/Rhamp Penllyn (25)
3. Rhiannon (Remix)
4. Skull Attack (Remix)
5. Laura (25)
6. Sean

7. Alcohol & Rain (Remix)

8. Calon Lân (25)
9. Siobhan (25)
10. Hair Of The Dog That Bit Me (Remix)
11. Jeffrey Bernard Is Unwell (25)

12. 20/20 Vision (Remix)

13. Sosban Fach (25)

Bonus Tracks

14. Polkas:-

Mark's Polka/The Dinas Powys Polka/Mark's Other Polka/The Dinas Powys Polka (Reprise)

15. Child Of The Ocean (25)

16. Sean (Remix)

17. Rebel's Farewell

18. Hair Of The Dog That Bit Me (Radio Edit)

19. Jeffrey Bernard Is Unwell (Radio Edit)

20. Rhiannon (Radio Edit))

(P) 2023  Katt Pie Records  
(C) 2023 Katt Pie Records

Alcohol&Rain (25).bmp

Here Be Dragons



Greg Courtney

Bass, Backing Vocals


Mike Brooks

Lead Vocals, Banjo, Mandolin


Greg Courtney

Bass, Backing Vocals


Mark "Squeezer" White



Pat Jacobs

Guitar, Vocals

Additional Musicians

Anne Harris, Cath Watkins, Richard Barlow, Sid Murphy (Fiddle)

Rebecca Rainsford (Harp)

Siaran Brooks, John Dowty, Emma Frederick, Tom OShea (Backing Vocals)

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