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Another Opportunity Missed (M. Brooks)

Another true story, well pretty much. Tells of my lack of female conquests despite chances I've had. Hindsight is a wonderful thing...

I remember back in form one or two
On another trip to Bristol Zoo
Saw the black panther, saw the white tiger
Saw a girl called Rosie drinking cider
Time quickly passed as we laid on the grass
But the meeting was fleeting as I went back to my class
We nearly touched we nearly kissed
It was just an opportunity missed

I'd just left school I was starting late
When I went out on my first date
She drank Baileys I drank Dark
And we watched Wales win in the Cardiff Arms Park
Went back to her flat in Riverside
I never never knew where to start so I never tried
If she was tempted by my body she managed to resist
So another opportunity missed

Cupid you're a bastard can't you ever get it right?
Are you just a lousy shot or do you do it out of spite?
I ask you to help me but you fail to assist
Your arrows miss their targets and another opportunity's missed

Once at an arty farty party
I was yapping to a yank about contact karate
We talked of Wales and the USA
She talked of leaving the very next day
Phoned all the way from Omaha
“Hello” “Hi” “Goodbye” “tara”
I wanted her to stay but I couldn't insist
So another opportunity missed

In Milton Keynes was a girl called Estelle
We were never ever lovers but we got along well
Down Downhead Park we'd take her dogs for a walk
I didn't like her accent but I liked the way she talked
Nearly getting close till one weekend
I went off on my todd she went off to meet a friend
From then on in her mind I ceased to exist
And another opportunity missed


The closest I got to a love at first sight
Was with a girl that I met on a bus one night
We were getting on great we were getting on fine
But I never got her number 'cause I never found time
I was sure I'd see her again
But that changed when I changed my job around then
Now I suppose she'd top my list
Of opportunities missed

The other day after a session in the pub
I met a nice girl in a night club
I stared into her eyes she stared into mine
We shared a conversation and a bottle of wine
I made made sure with care I took
Her address down in my address book
Lost the address book when I walked hoe pissed
So another opportunity missed


(c) 1995 Katt Pie Records

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