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Bright New Tomorrow (2007)

Thirteen brand new tracks from the Dragons. Twelve original Mike Brooks Songs then a traditional Welsh Lullaby to finish.

Click on a song title for notes and links for that song.

1. One Last Look 

2. Tri Peint O Gwrw

3. Song For The Dying

4. Back To Barry Town

5. Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

6. Drunk & In Love

7. Hapus Iawn

8. One Night Stand

9. One More Night In Novellara

10. Rearranging Deckchairs On The Titanic

11. Not In My Name

12. Star Behind The Cloud

13. Hen Blant Bach

(P) 2007  Katt Pie Records

 (C) 2007  Katt Pie Records


Album Cover - BrightNewTomorrow.jpg

Here Be Dragons



Kyle Jones

Bass, Backing Vocals


Mike Brooks

Lead Vocals, Banjo, Tenor Banjo, Guitar, Mandolin, Bouzouki


Will Morrison

Drums, Backing Vocals


Marcin Krzyżanowski



Cliff Eastabrook

Bass, Backing Vocals

Additional Musicians
Pat Jacobs (Guitar), Alberto Cottica (Accordion), Laurie Norwood (Bass)
Cath Watkins, Christine Cooper & Ralph Allen (Fiddle)
Nic Bradford (Electric Guitar), David Wallace (Trombone), Luke Jones (Tamborine)
Lauren Price, Iona Thonger, Catrin Ashton & Linda Jones (Backing Vocals)

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