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Celtic Bonding (2002)

Here Be Dragons second album. These songs made up the core of Here Be Dragons live set for many years.

Recorded in London in 2000 / 2001 released in Europe on Ethnoworld March 2002 and in the USA on Silverwolf Records November 2002 . Now available on Kattpie.

1. Lock Up Your Daughters
2. Celtic Bonding    
3. The Senghennydd Explosion
4. Hireath
5. Naill Ar Ol Llall
6. Bracchi
7. Ar Fy Mhen Fy Hun
8. Galway Rose
9. Hollol
10. I'm Not Drunk
11. One More Year
12. Catrin's Sister
13. Goodnight Cariad

14. Celtic Bonding Radio (Hidden track)

(P) 2002  Katt Pie Records  
(C) 2002  Katt Pie Records

Album Cover - CelticBonding.jpg

Here Be Dragons



Will Morrison

Drums, Backing Vocals


Mike Brooks

Lead Vocals, Banjo, Tenor Banjo, Guitar, Mandolin


Alberto Cottica



Greg Courtney

Bass, Backing Vocals


Gundula Grun


Additional Musicians
Cliff Eastabrook (Bass), Pat Jacobs  &  Daren Galor (Guitar), Rob Morris (Accordion), Aidan Burke (Fiddle), Katrin Voss (Fiddle, Whistles)
Rakie Ayola & Siaran Brooks (Backing Vocals)

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