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Gargling With Brains (2013)

Here Be Dragons first release was on cassette way back in 1995. In 2013 the band released the album on CD.

The CD contained all nine tracks from the original 1995 cassette plus four bonus tracks from that period that were previously unreleased. The CD was released in the USA on Silverwolf Records March 2014.

1. Skull Attack
2. Hearts & Brains
3. Another Opportunity Missed
4. Liberator
5. Laura
6. Siobhan
7. The Hair Of The Dog That Bit Me
8. Rhiannon
9. Sosban Fach

Bonus Tracks
10. Fire's Still Burning
11. The Hair Of The Dog That Bit Me [Radio Edit]
12. Ffidl Ffadl [Instrumental]            
13. Rebel's Farewell

Tracks 1- 9 & 11

(P) 1995  Katt Pie Records

(C) 1995  Katt Pie Records

Tracks 10, 12 &13
(P) 2013  Katt Pie Records

(C) 2013 Katt Pie Records

Album Cover - Gargling With Brains.jpg

Here Be Dragons



Greg Courtney

Bass, Backing Vocals


Mike Brooks

Lead Vocals, Banjo, Mandolin


Will Morrison



Anne Harris

Fiddle, Backing Vocals


Pat Jacobs

Guitar, Backing Vocals, Lead on Liberator

Additional Musicians

Gabriel Ellenburg, Alberto Cottica & Mark "Squeezer" White (Accordion)
Pat McGarvey (Bass), Nick Paton (Drums)
Siaran Brooks & John Dowty (Backing Vocals)

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