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A Happy New Year (M. Brooks)

I wrote this at the end of 2020. The line "The old year was crap" came first. I guess the old year can often seem like that. It's an optimistic song though, hoping that next year will be better

We started the year with our best laid plans
But so much has changed since this year began
So I'll assume nothing and I won't tempt fate
Fingers crossed for the new year that's lying in wait

So it's out with the old and in with the new
The old year was crap but we somehow pulled through
The New Year's a new chance for dreams to come true
Let's make this a happy new year

It's not all been bad, I won't want to complain
I've learnt a lot like how all plans can change
So we'll dream and we'll plan and we'll hope and we'll pray
That all of those wishes can come true some day


Take time to give thanks for all that we've got
Good times and bad times, we've been through a lot
We're still together and we're still here
I love you and wish you a happy new year


(C) 2023 Katt Pie Records

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