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Alcohol & Rain (M.Brooks)

I had an idea about writing a song called "watering the roots" then I remembered a true story about friends Huw and Jane. My mum played the track to Huw who hadn't known I had written it about him, he was pleasantly surprised.

Another friend says his daughter calls the song "Sandwiches in the toilet".

Since I've been working here in Saudi the sun's kept beating down
My insides are dehydrating and my outside's turning brown
It's no tourist destination it isn't Greece or Spain
I wish I was home in Cardiff with the alcohol and rain

Among the ex-pats out here silly money's all the rage
But I'm here with the company on my regular meagre wage
It pays me mortgage and the bills so I suppose I shouldn't complain
But it's hard work living without alcohol and rain

I don't mind the sun teetotalers are fine
But in this desert sun I'm wilting this culture isn't mine
So I'm counting down the days till I'll be stepping off the train
And start watering me roots with alcohol and rain

I arrived here just in time for Ramadan
when it's illegal to eat in public I'm a hungry thirsty man
Smuggling sandwiches into the toilet I must be insane
I'd kill for a pie and chips washed down with alcohol and rain

In Cardiff years ago I met a woman from Kuwait
I remember being surprised that she'd thought Welsh weather great
I disagreed at the time but now I feel the same
Here I'm completely dry i need alcohol and rain


I've been married just six months, I've spent three of them out here
I've got sun and sand and mineral water, she's got drizzle and beer
I wish she was here with me, I miss my darling Jane
I'd rather I was with her and the alcohol and rain

They say it's good to travel educational to roam
I've been here seen it done it I want to go back home
They've tried to make me welcome here I know they're not to
But I'm a fish out of water out of alcohol and rain


(c) 1997 Katt Pie Records

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