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Back To Barry Town (M. Brooks)

My father in law, Michael Collins (1937-2015), inspired this song. (Though I'm not saying whether he actually did all the things in the song!) My dad was from Barry too. It's not a pretty town but when Barry's merchant sailor's settle down, they often return home rather than live on some exotic shore.The fiddle tune is called the Glamorgan hornpipe.

Since the day that I left home my youth to squander
I took the path of women wine and song
I've lived the high life and the low life as I've wandered
From the red lights of Amsterdam to Suzy Wong's
Over seven seas I've traveled
Thrown six sixes on the razzle
I've had my five senses dazzled
On the four winds blown
Had three wishes used them poorly
Watched two decades flash before me
Now there's only one thing for my
I'm going home

I'm going back to Barry town
I'll find a Barry girl and settle down
I'll go to sea no more, no more to roam
It may not look like much but it's home

I've drunk ice cold in Alex and in Dover
I've survived the slings of Singapore
But that part of my life will soon be over
I'll never walk down Lime Street anymore
I've seen sights across the ocean
Tasted tasty toxic potions
Felt the force of storms in motions
Through my aching bones
Smelled success from lucky choices
Heard the sirens lusty voices
Sense my lucky charm rejoices that I'm going home


So it's Barry docks instead of Sydney harbour
Keep Copenhagen it's the Colcut where I'll be
Not Puerto Mont but Porth Kerry ever after
And Cadoxton's far east enough for me


(c) 2007 Katt Pie Records

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