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Can't Be Arsed (M. Brooks)

This was a sort of joke throwaway song that I never expected to end up on the album but it just somehow survived all the culls as we whittled down the number of tracks.

The protestant work ethic passed me by
Some people feel the need to work, I wonder why
For a while I did the nine to five but that time has passed
I’m not too rich or unfit for work I just can’t be arsed

I can’t be arsed, I can't be arsed
I can’t be arsed, I can't be arsed
I I I, I I I I
Can’t be arsed

You can exercise your body you can exercise your mind
All you need’s the inclination and the time
Some people take the slow road some people take the fast
Both sound like too much effort I just can’t be arsed


With a soupçon of suspicion I received your supposition
Of politicians who commission composition competition
With ambition in my mission top position could be grasped
But it takes time to find a rhyme and I just can't be arsed


(C) 2015 Katt Pie Records

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