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Caroline Street Strut, The (M. Brooks)

There's a street in central Cardiff where people go for chips, kebabs etc. it's open pretty much 24 hours a day and does great business with drunk people at the end of a Friday or Saturday night. People from out of town call it "Chippy Lane" but locals know it by it's proper street name;- Caroline Street.

Monday's not a fun day
Recovering from Sunday
In fact it is the one day
I often feel depressed
Not too keen on Tuesday
Wednesday's a confused day
Thursday is a booze day
But Friday night's the best

The 9 to 5 treadmill
Is doing in your head still
You've gotta pay those red bills
You feel you're in a rut
Five days of cringing
Yeah five days of whinging
Yeah now it's time for binging
Do the Caroline Street Strut

Do the Caroline Street Strut
The Caroline Street Stroll
For Caroline Street curry & chips
A rissole and a spring roll

You party as you enter
The crowded city centre
Everybody on a bender
“All for one!” and all half cut
It's tidy on a Friday
Yeah Friday is my day
End Friday night the right way
With the Caroline Street Strut


50, 000 people going out on the town
From Barry and the Valleys and from miles all around
Adamsdown, Grangetown, Riverside and Splott
50,000 people all half cut by ten o'clock

Girls' night lads' night
Hen night stag night
Mums' night dads' night
Good nights bad nights
Clubbers clubbing pubbers pubbing
others slugging, glugging, hugging


All day long you've been thinking
You're in the mood for drinking
Now your glass is clinking
But soon the pubs will shut
Your drinks have been a tumbling
Your stomach is a rumbling
Then it's time for stumbling
To the Caroline Street Strut


(C) 2015 Katt Pie Records

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