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Catrin's Sister (M. Brooks)

Dedicated to two sisters from Conwy. We met them when we played our first ever festival way back in 1996.

For three years I've been going out with Catrin
Courtin' and cavourtin' and cheekin' and chatt'rin'
But lately every time I've kissed her
I couldn't help but think about Catrin's sister

"Don't think about Catrin's sister!"
I've got a thing about Catrin's sister
"Don't think about Catrin's sister!"
Has she got a thing about me ?

One day I went round to Catrin's mother's
Nobody was home but her sister and her brother
Her brother hit town to raise a few blisters
Leaving me alone with Catrin's sister


Exited at the exiting of Catrin's brother
Starting messing and caressing and undressing one another
I knew that I shouldn't but I couldn't resist her
Who wouldn't want a fling with Catrin's sister


I woke up in her bed the following morning
Snuck off like a rat as the sun was dawning
As I strode down the road I hissed in a whisper
"How can I chat to Catrin about Catrin's sister?"


When I got home on the phone was Catrin
Conversation confrontation a verbal batt'rin'
She told me it was over and already I miss her
I wonder what my chances are with Catrin's sister


(c) 2001 Katt Pie Records

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