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Drunk & In Love (M. Brooks)

I wrote this one in Dolgellau. When the Sesiwn Fawr festival was in the town square I saw many of the young locals with their girl under one arm and a crate of lager under the other.

The fiddle riff is from the traditional Welsh song "Torth O Fara"

Whatever the weather my skies are clear
Whenever we're together clouds disappear
We're out on the town and we're both on the beer
As sober as a newt and a skunk
We lean against each other as we totter down the street
Wraps our arms round one another and our lips meet
If we were more sober we would be more discreet
But we're not we're in love and we're drunk

And we don't care what they say we don't care what they think
They can stare all they like and yeah we've had a drink
Do you love me? Yes I do
You're my best friend and I love you

We stumble and we stagger but we still stand
Still our stagger has a swagger 'cause we're feeling grand
We skiaddle over soon we're smooching to the band
No matter that they're playing thrash punk
My gaze meets your gaze soon your mouth meets mine
We're snogging as the band plays and dancing out of time
She loves me and I love her and I feel fine
You and me we're in love and we're drunk.


I'm in love with you and you're in love with me
we're both intoxicated going steadily
Under the influence as high as we can be
We are in love and we're drunk

As we wind our weary way walking arm in arm
As we stagger and we sway they shouldn't be alarmed
We're full of love and liquor don't mean nobody no harm
Show me the way to my bunk
We feel happy yeah we feel alright
And I'm a happy chappy I'm as high as a kite
Looking forward to the time when we kiss goodnight
The way we kiss when in love and drunk


(c) 2007 Mike Brooks

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