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Fire's Still Burning (G. Courtney)

Greg wrote this and sang it at our gigs from time to time. We started to record it way back at the time of "Alcohol & Rain". It ran too long so it got left off the album.

In 2013 we decided to release the old "Gargling With Brains" tape on CD for the first time but it was "underweight" with only 9 songs. We decided to dust off a couple of tracks recorded back then. Greg was happy with me editing the track and singing it.

It's just like playing poker
You never show your cards
You've got to keep them guessing
You've got to be so hard
Why I should I confess to
The way I feel inside
I just call it self respect
Though you might call it pride


Maybe I'm yearning for your safe return
The fire's still burning, will I ever learn

Of course I'm ticking over
The way I always do
That doesn't mean it's easy
Though what is that to you?
Sometimes it gets lonely
Out drinking on my own
I don't call that a problem
I wouldn't want to moan


Sure it's good to see you
But I'm not gonna dance
You won't hear me begging you
To give me one more chance
You won't see me crying
Because you went away
I'll keep on pretending
I'm over yesterday


(C) 1995 Greg Courtney

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