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Hapus Iawn (M. Brooks)

Hapus Iawn means "Very happy". There is a tradition in Wales of songs partly in English and partly in Welsh. I think it was when people were trying to write in English but didn't know all the words. They'd end up using the word in their native tongue instead.

Hapus Iawn was orginally titled "Mae hi'n fy 'ngharu fi" but that wouldn't as easy for non Welsh speakers to pronounce. The "Milgi" reference isn't normally one I'd use about a lover but I liked the reference to the folk song Milgi Milgi. Also I'm not really full of the self loathing that the second verse suggests. It's just "Why would a nice girl like you want a guy like me?" then extended a bit.

* I meant "Mae hi'n Wyn" to mean "she's fair" or "she's blessed" but was told that most people would take it to mean "she's white" not at all what I intended! I'll need to re-record that at some stage. I think I wanted to say "I'm clever" but settled for "well informed" at the end, desperate for a rhyme.

She's pretty mae hi'n fraeth
She's only dau ddeg saith
A mae pawb yn siarad amdani
She's fair mae hi'n wyn
Mwy heini na milgi chwim
And she's wallgo about me

I'm short and fat
Not that she sees that
Wy'n fwy llwfr na ci
Wi'n hen wi'n dlawd
Wi'n hyllach na fy mrawd
I don't know what she sees in me

Mae hi'n fy 'ngharu fi
She is in love with me
I was feeling down now
I'm hapus iawn
Mae hi'n fy 'ngharu fi

I'm unworthy she's so hot
And what have we got?
Mae hi'n cael dim ond fi wi'n cael hi
She's happy I'm ffodus
Wi'n cael hi - wi'n wybodus
It seem that her love is ddall i mi


(c) 2007 Katt Pie Records

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