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Hope You're Happy (M. Brooks)

This song was written purely to be cathartic fro my own broken heart. However, I decided to play it to the band and they liked it so it got into our set and then onto the album.

Chris, our accordion player, said that all my songs around then were about being dumped. Hopefully I've moved on since then....

So you tell me you've got another lover
Just like you said you were going to do
I guess I shouldn't be shocked
Just because my world's been rocked
And I always said I want the best for you


So I hope you and Shithead are happy
That he does the things for you I couldn't do
We've past the point of no return
So as you watch the bridges burn
I'll find someone better than you

So you had a little go at being single
But being single never suited you
Being single and free
Doesn't suit me!
So I'll look for another lover too


I'll get someone younger and more attractive
You and her will be poles apart
She'll be confident and bright
She'll be witty but polite
And she will never break my heart

Now if Shithead fails to make you happy
If he does things I would never do
Don't expect me to wait
You will be too late
I'll have buggered off with someone new


(C) 2015 Katt Pie Records

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