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I'm Going To Llandrindod Wells (M. Brooks)

Based on a true story. I was invited to nurses party on Newport Road in Cardiff. They said they were scared there would be no men at the party, of course the actual party turned out differently.

I later read that Llandrindod Wells has the greatest ratio of women to men in the UK. Almost two to one apparently. I bet that's no longer true!

I’m going to Llandrindod Wells
They’ve got a lot of pretty women I’ve heard tell
Been invited to a party there so what the hell
I’m going to Llandrindod

I’ve been invited by a friend of a friend
She’s says I can stay there for the whole weekend
She’s scared that at the party there won’t be enough men
That’s why I’m invited
I’m going there as fast as I can
My friend’s friend led me to understand
There’ll be ten women there for every man
No wonder I’m exited


I get all the things I need to pack
And wap them all in my rucksack
24 cans of Skull Attack
And half a box of Smarties
Waiting for the bus in Greyfriars Road
I look up, well I'll be blowed
It's my mate Nick, and what d'ya know?

He's off to the same party


We get on the bus and the bus gets away
Nick opens his bag up to display
24 cans of Brains SA
Nick says “Great minds think alike”
We open some cans as the bus leaves town
SA as ever going smoothly down
The wheels on the bus go round and round
Glug, glug, glug go Nick and Mike


We nip into a pub after we get off the bus
We have a swift half and begin to discuss
How a party full of women will be gagging for us
In our imagination
We look around and propping up the bar
Are Cliff and Chris having a jaw and a jar
“Are you going to the party?” “Of course we bloody are!”
We leave in anticipation


Now we’re at the flat I’m ringing on the bell
The hot spot of Llandrindod Wells
We’ll meet a lot of woman there, we’re gonna give ‘em hell
As far as I understand it
Now we’re inside to our despair
Blokes not women are everywhere
The women of the party, they don’t care
That's just how they’d planned it


(C) 2015 Katt Pie Records

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