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I'm Not Drunk (M. Brooks)

One of several drowning my sorrows songs. Been a live favourite for many years. I love Greg's bass line and Alberto's accordion riff.

Sorry about the threatened violence in the first verse. I'm not suggesting for a second that would be a good thing. I'm just saying people turn to drink when passions run high.

She'd the one, the one 'd like to throttle
Instead of her neck I grab the neck of a bottle
We were sinking, now we're sunk
Yeah! I'm drinking, but I'm not drunk

I'm not drunk, I just feel a bit downhearted
I'm not drunk, I'm only getting started
I'm not drunk, although I'm drinking to forget
I'm not drunk, yet

She never said, never said that she would leave me
If I'd have known I'd have known that she'd deceive me
Saw her slinking off with some skunk
So I'm drinking, but I'm not drunk


Well I've had a few but I could have a little more
I've been riding on a wave, I've done it loads of times before
You asked me how I was then you asked me what I think
I think when you lose your friend, it's time to find a drink


So I've failed, I've failed the thirty fifth time running
Don't tell me that you could tell I had it coming
I don't need this, what can I do?
I'm on the piss, and I've had a few


(c) 2000 Katt Pie Records

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