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It All Comes Down To Money (M. Brooks)

If the question is "Why?" then the answer is generally money. OK This isn't always true for personal relationships but for business it always seems to be.

I know adults are only children with debts
I wish I didn’t feel so grown up yet
And thinking about it makes me upset
I am not a happy bunny

The chances of a problem going away
Are directly related to your ability to pay
“Here’s the bill, have a nice day”
It all comes down to money


It’s cruel it’s tough it’s harsh it’s rough
If you haven’t got enough of the green stuff
And it’s not fair and it’s not funny
It all comes down to money (X 3)

You’re a babe magnet if you’re making a mint
But look into her eyes and watch the glint
Disappear when she discovers you’re skint
“It’s all about the money honey”

Money can’t buy health, doubt it ever will
But nothing stops you being poor and ill
And the world’s best doctors hand you a bill
It all comes down to money


You say it’s a free country but is that true
When there’s a price tag on everything you could want to do?
You can be sure that those richer are freer than you
In this land of milk and honey

It’s one law for the rich and one for the poor
If the poor have freedom the rich have more
Have you thought about who writes the laws?
It all comes down to money


(C) 2015 Katt Pie Records

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