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Jolly Juggler, The (M. Brooks)

I wrote this song for a play I was in in 1987. I didn't ever consider it a Dragons' song but it seemed to fit with a collection of songs that could be sung after a rugby match. The lyrics made the engineer laugh in the studio as we recorded it.

There was a jolly juggler who roamed throughout the land
He was both fair and handsome and his balls were something grand
Everywhere they talked of him in squares and village halls
His fame spread both far and wide for the tricks he could do with his balls

His juggling balls, his juggling balls
His juggling balls all three
The things he couldn't do with his balls
You wouldn't want to see

One day he met a maiden, said she was a juggler too
If he let her play with his balls she could show him a trick or two
He said now fair young lassie I'll take a drink with thee
But keep your hands of me juggling balls they're far too precious to me


Then when he was no longer sober she asked him once again
Please, sir, take your balls out for me to look at them
Then she reached out and grabbed them she took him by surprise
And the way she juggled his balls brought tears to his eyes


When he woke up in the morning he knew there was something wrong
She had gone and left him and his juggling balls had gone
So let this be a warning to jugglers one and all
Steer clear of beer and lasses and keep you hands on your balls


(c) 2015 Katt Pie Records

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