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Laura (M. Brooks)

A true story about a friend who enjoyed a bit of gossip more often than "now and then."

Hey Laura! I've heard you're telling lies about me
Hey Laura! Why don't you shut your trap
Hey Laura! I don't like it when people doubt me
Turn over a new leaf, girl, it's time you cut the crap

Everybody likes a bit of gossip now and then
But most survive without spreading malicious lies about their friends
Perhaps the stories that you fantasise, you believe are true
But you make people doubt my judgement if they think I trusted you


You said "He told me in confidence" as if I were your spouse
But listen, Laura, I wouldn't even let you in my house
When people turn against you I've seen you break down and cry
But girl you'd do yourself a favour if you stopped to wonder why


If I can't beat you I could join you and spread lies about the place
But girl you know that's not like me you know I'd rather tell you to your face
You make a mockery of the phrase "The innocence of Youth"
You could hurt me with a lie but I could hurt you with the truth


(c) 1995 Katt Pie Records

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