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Liberator (P. Jacobs)

Written (and sung) by original Dragons' guitar player Pat Jacobs. Pat left the band back in 1999 but has played with us a couple of times since. He joined us (Virtually) during our lockdown shows in 2020.

On that misty day June 13th 1945
A Liberator took off with six passengers alive
Nine crew flying home at the end of the war
Back to the USA not needed anymore

​Flying from Prestwick via Stornaway
Over the Atlantic and they were on their way
Flight B248 Air Force Liberator
Lost in the clouds or did the mountains break her?

And there among the Fairy Lochs the plane still lies
Two miles from Gairloch she came down from out the skies
If you take a look to see the wreckage of the plane
Pray for the souls of the men and the families who remain

What thoughts went through their heads on that fine and fateful day?
What prayers did they offer? What comforts did they say?
As the pilot try to clear that rocky mountain top
The fairy lochs reached out their spell and brought them to a stop

Sometimes at night they say the plane still flies
Beaten broken by the weather and the skies
The war was over, for home they could yearn
Till the land reached out it's spell and fate took it's turn


(C) 1995 Patrick Jacobs

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