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Lock Up Your Daughters (M. Brooks)

No, it's not the Slade song of the same name. I wrote this and Celtic Bonding on consecutive days having just got back from our first Italy tour. Our friends The Modena City Ramblers sang a song "La Grande Famiglia with "Hey Hey" in the chorus and this song grew out of that idea. Great that Alberto, who wrote that song played on this on the album.

The lyric is meant to work on three levels, a fairy tale, a Welsh nationalist message and a boast/warning that the band is in town...

Hey! Feel the ground a-shaking
Hey! The dragon is awaking
Across the kingdom peasants 'scurrying
Across the kingdom landlords 'worrying
For their daughters being deflowered
For the livestock being devoured
For their sons being beaten
For their wives being eaten

Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!
Lock up your daughters lock 'em up tight
Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!
Dragons on the prowl tonight

Years ago they chased and caught him
Years ago some brave knight fought him
All the king's men thought they'd destroyed
All the king's men just annoyed him
St George a dragon's coming
St George you'd better start running
St George he didn't forget you
St George he's going to get you


St George came out of hiding
Feeling a little bolder
The crowd yelled "George are you gonna kill the dragon?!"
George said "*?#! that for a game of soldiers!"


St George said "I've retired"
"St George!" said the king "You're fired!"
The king said "In my knights I trust"
The king's men took off in a cloud of dust
The age of the dragon is on it's way
The age of the dragon begins today
The age of the dragon is dawning
The age of the dragon began this morning


(c) 2001 Katt Pie Records

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