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Modena Rambler, The (M. Brooks)

Our engineer, Wan, thought the opening lyric was "My name's Alberto, got a car.."

Actually, Alberto Cottica was a founder member of Here Be Dragons. When he left the UK, to rejoin his band The Modena City Ramblers, I wrote this song for him (Based, lyrically, on "The Wild Rover" of course).

My name's Alberto Cottica
I've traveled wide and I've traveled far
For years in pubs and clubs and bars
I've played The Wild Rover
But I'll say "Ciao" to the girls I've kissed
"Goodbye" to the pubs where I've got pissed
I can't say you won't be missed
But our time together is over

Fare thee well to London town
The time has come to settle down
Goodbye to all the friends I've known
The Modena Rambler's going home

When I was young and in my prime
Restless, I made up my mind
To leave Modena City behind
Around the world to roam
Over moors and hills I've rambled
And through red light districts ambled
Out of police cells I've scrambled
Now I'm going home


Went into an alehouse I used to frequent
Told the landlady my money was spent
With my credit card she was content
So I bought a round
Now this prodigal bambino
'Swapping warm flat beer for vino
Instant coffee for cappuccino
I'm Modena bound


(c) 1997 Katt Pie Records

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