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Naill Ar Ol Llall (English Translation)

(One After Another)

We sailed in an empty vessel
That didn't have a name on it
We went from the city of Bangor
On our voyage across the waves

So happy we are all my boys
Happy we are all
We are looking forward to seeing you
Back on the shores of Wales

There were sixteen
Of Wales's finest
Sailing from the Manai Straights
Traveling to the New World


The wind began to blow
Favourable for our fate
Passed Puffin Island
And the pilot went to the shore


Went past Holyhead
Down to the hated channel
The hills of Wales disappeared
And the green land of Ireland


Had rice pudding on Saturday
Until we'll be almost blind
Tumbling down the fork
One after another


(c) 2000 Katt Pie Records

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