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New Year's Eve Again (M. Brooks)

Once more trip around the sun. Each year we can hope that the next year can be better...

So here we are, it's New Year's Eve again
A chance to ditch the self doubt, a chance to believe again
To look ahead and dream of what we might achieve again
Let's see what we can do before it's New Year's Eve again

We look back at this year at what we have and haven't done
Things that have been finished others just begun
And the balance struck between doing work and having fun
Could have been worse but could have been better

We look back at the good times and others not so great
We look back and wish that we'd had more lucky breaks
Better look and learn from a year's worth of mistakes
To help us cope whatever the weather


As we make our resolutions and sing the new year's song
Tonight we stop and think about the journey that we're on
But the pause must be brief we've got to move along
Keep putting one foot in front of the other

We walk down the road but we don't know where it leads
The journey may be long or very short indeed
There's a difference between what you want and what you need
But that's life, there may not be another


(C) Katt Pie Records

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