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One Last Look (M. Brooks)

Being Welsh, I think of Tryweryn, but this has happened all around the world in various locations. It's decided to flood a valley and build a dam. To those who lose their homes nothing can be the same again.

They're going to flood the valley so it must be vacated
The whole population is being re-located
I don't know the place I'm going but there's one thing I know
I can only be a stranger wherever I may go

It was here we built our homes where we raised our sons and daughters
Now with the graves of parents they will lie beneath the waters
It's not just where I live it's the only place I've known
The only place I'll ever call home

Give me one last look while my home is still here
Before they flood the valley and my village disappears
Give me one last look while my village still remains
I know I'll never see my home again

The government's decided for the good of the nation
They'll wash away the home town of countless generations
The family farm was handed down from father to son
That line ends here, I'm the last one


(C) 2005 Katt Pie Records

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