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One More Night In Novellara (M.Brooks)

Novellara was second home to the Dragons for many of our Italian tours. We did
our first Italian gig at "Sisten Irish Pub" there, eat "La Rocca" pizza and had
breakfast coffee at "Bar Roma".

The landlady, Clementina, has moved on so maybe, sadly, we've played there for
the last time...

Arrivaderci Novellara I really should be gone
Our time is nearly over I must be moving on
I'll be leaving in the morning and you my love are not
Until tomorrow parts us one night is all we've got

We stand up on the castle and watch the sun go down
By the time it sets again I'll be in another town
And as the day is ending with the setting of the sun
The final day is over the night has just begun

One more night in Novellara
The thought of leaving finds me choking back a tear
I'm not grieving at leaving Novellara
But that I'll be gone and you will still be here

I'll think of Novellara when I'm on my early flight
I'll think about you and I'll think about tonight
You'll be lying in your bed sleeping late as you do
As I'm flying I'll be wishing I was lying there with you

When I get back home to warm beer and cold weather
I'll think back to Italy and to our time together
I'll remember all our good times i never will forget
But we've still got one night left it isn't over yet


It's our last night in Novellara let's paint Novellara red
Make it a night to remember and get us through the time ahead
Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow I must fly
Let's make it a good night before we say goodbye

Here's to Sisten Irish Pub and to the Grande Famiglia
Here's to Bar Roma and to La Rocca pizza
Tomorrow's nearly on us and we know what happens then
Arrivaderci Novellara until we meet again


(c) 2007 Katt Pie Records

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