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One Night Stand (M. Brooks)

I wrote this song in America, when we played the Dunedin Celtic Festival. Won't say exactly what inspired me, except to say the original line was "You want a one night lover - Go get the drummer"

Everybody's looking for something
Everybody's playing a game
I can tell that you're just after one thing
And you're counting on me wanting the same
Well I can tell by the look on your pretty little face
And the way that you grabbed my hand
I can tell what you want but you've come to the wrong place
If you're looking for a one night stand

I don't want just one night together
I don't want "Wham bam thank you mam"
You want a one night lover, go get another
I am not the one night stand

Everybody has an agenda
Everybody has a plan
Now I don't want to offend ya
But I've got to tell you I'm not your man
I won't say it couldn't happen if you'd picked another night
Especially if we'd got slammed
But not tonight, it wouldn't feel right
I won't be your one night stand


With your disposable camera in disposable venues
You take a snap-shot of your disposable world
You take your pick form a disposable menu
But I don't want a disposable girl
You use disposable forks and disposable plates
You drink your beer form a disposable can
Your diary's full of disposable dates
But I won't be your disposable man


(c) 2007 Katt Pie Records

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