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Rebel's Farewell (Brooks/Jacobs)

Pat wrote this tune (And decided on the two key changes!) and asked me to write a lyric for it.

I decided to write a lyric about a Rebel trying to explain himself to his lover after he's put his cause before their relationship, possibly without consulting her. If he didn't, he'd be lucky if he gets the "One last kiss" I reckon....

Hush, don't say my name in case they might hear
I shouldn't be here tonight
And when I leave you won't see me again
For I have to take flight
I promised I'd make the authorities listen
Today I kept my vow
You know how actions speak louder than words
They'll take notice now
Leaving you is my one regret
I hope you understand
But I can't stay there's a price on my head
I'm a wanted man

I thought about asking you to come too
But together we wouldn't get far
It's not right to ask you to share my risk
It's best if you stay where you are
Up to now my conscience is clear
It wouldn't be if you came with me
You may curse me for deserting you
I hope some day you'll forgive me
When they come to ask you won't have to lie
If you don't know where I've gone
All you need to know is that this is goodbye
And I must be moving on

So as we say our final farewells
And steal one last kiss
Believe me, it was never my intention
For it to end like this
The government forces are on my trail
Time is an enemy too
When I'm long gone and forgotten
I'll always remember you
I wanted to spend my lifetime with you
Parting grieves me so
Close your eyes I'll melt into the night
Its time for me to go

(c) 1995 Katt Pie Records

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