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Rhiannon (M. Brooks)

This was on our original demo tape before we had done a single gig.

​A song about hopeless love. You can't just turn your love off. You go on loving someone even if it's not good for you. I told a friend who the real "Rhiannon" was and regretted it so I'd better not say it here.

She's doing a lot better these days.

Rhiannon My darling we've been here before
You're drunk and I'm picking you up off the floor
There's no point me asking what you do it for
I can't decipher your mumble
I just wish there was something I could do
To put an end to what you're putting us through
I'm the poor bastard

We'd dance through the night we'd dance till the dawn
It's so hard to see you sad and forlorn
Even now there's no way I could part
Rhiannon my darling, you've still got my heart

I first met you at the height of your powers
We'd dance and we'd sing and we'd go on for hours
With the beauty and spirit of a wild summer flower
I picked it and now it has faded
And now each time you get out of the tank
We hope for the best as the doctors we thank
But my mind goes back to the last time you sank
And over the years I feel jaded


I remember you ahead of your peers
As you fell back all we got was their sneers
As I hear their laughter I hold back the tears
Do they know how much they offend me?
Rhiannon I'm praying you'll come back again
And your rightful position you will regain
Back on your pedestal they'll you'll remain
And today will be just a sad memory

We'll dance through the night, we'll dance till the dawn
We'll dance the dance of our love reborn
Repeat our love vows that we'll never part
Rhiannon my darling you've still got my heart

(c) 1992 Katt Pie Records

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