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Senghenydd Explosion, The (M. Brooks)

A true story, of course, about the biggest loss of life in any mining disaster in Britain.

On the fourteenth day of October
In the year 1913
At the Lancaster pit Senghenydd
Hundreds worked the black seam
Harry Wedlock was starting his first day at work
A young lad just fourteen years old
He heard a sound from under the ground
And the blood in his body ran cold

A mighty explosion deep in the mine
Spat the pit-cage out into the air
Young Harry started to cry
Confused, frightened and scared
One of the miners stopped him from crying
Told him to be brave and be strong
He said be tonight it'll all be alright
He couldn't have been more wrong

Say four hundred and thirty nine prayers for the dead
Or there won't be enough to go round
For fathers and brothers and husbands and sons
Claimed by the cold dark ground

A terrible fire swept through the mine
Spreading fear and panic and death
If fire underground doesn't burn you
It may still steal your last breath
The desperate one the families and friends
Prayed their husbands and sons and dads weren't among
The four hundred and thirty nine dead


Forty five died from Commercial Street
From High Street thirty five
Mrs Benjamin Priest lost her husband
She's had two sons, neither survived
Mrs Twining's three were among the young men
Killed that day at the black seam
Sixty all told less than twenty years old
Eight of them only fourteen

(c) 2001 Katt Pie Records

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