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Slammed 2019 (M.Brooks)

When the Welsh team won the Grand Slam in 2008 (Winning all matches in the Six Nations Rugby Championship) many Welsh supporters got slammed (drunk) including me.

Rugby internationals are a good excuse for meeting and having a drink with people from the other countries. You don't get any of the nastiness that sometimes sadly occurs with football (soccer).

I updated the song in 2012 when Wales won the Grand Slam again. It's the 2012 version on the Gwlad album. I did another update when Wales won another Grand Slam in 2019.

Down and out in Paris was the story at half time
But if the first half was ridiculous the second was sublime
It rained on the French parade, for Wales it turned out fine
Spent the night in Paris drinking “St-Germain”
So we headed down to Rome for Six Nations round two
Alberto wore a red shirt and I wore a blue
Didn't get a bonus point but any win will do
In Trastevere on the Grappa – we got slammed

Slammed Slammed ain't it grand?
Slammed Slammed we got slammed
Slammed Slammed caned and canned
Wales won the slam, and we got slammed

​Andy came from London for a weekend on the gin
To party with the locals with some rugby thrown in
There were two good teams but someone had to win
For us of course it all went as planned
On an overnight coach we went north to face the Scots
Their team could have won the match but thankfully did not
Heavy drinking, drinking Heavy finished off by some shots

A night of Celtic bonding – we got slammed


Ranked World number 2 the Irish were the team to beat
But an early Welsh try and soon the Grand Slam was complete
The party spilled out of the pubs into the Cardiff streets
Drinking Guinness in the rain – we got slammed


(C) 2019 Katt Pie Records

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