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Song For The Dying (M. Brooks)

Sadly written from personal experience. What do you say when someone you love is dying slowly in front of you? These are some of my thoughts I couldn't say out loud.

We both know what's happening
We're both afraid to say it
As if not mentioning the word
Will manage to delay it
I ask how you are
I can see you're getting worse
And it would take a miracle
To break this deadly curse

And I wish you the best for the rest of your life
I pray for the pain to go away
It's not yet night enjoy the twilight
Make the most of the remains of the day

You're such an integral part of my life
I can't imagine you leaving
But while you're still here I hold back the tears
Now's not the time for grieving
Our time together 's so special
I can't face the truth it must stop
And though the river has almost run dry
Let's eek out each last drop


This may be our last conversation
But that was always the same
You don't want to talk of religion or philosophy
But of everyday things, the mundane
Our past together is over
The future's a dream away
So young or old healthy or not
We can only live for today

(c) 2007 Katt Pie Records

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