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Star Behind the Cloud (M. Brooks)

Things may look bad now but there is always hope. The star may not be visible but it is there.

We can't deny we've been defeated
We were soldiers in a battle fought and lost
According to you there's nothing we can do
Except maybe lick our wounds and count the cost
You see no bright new tomorrow
The future only fills you with fear
But don't wallow in your sorrow
I tell you what I see from here

There's a star behind the cloud
There's a star behind the cloud
Raise your voices and sing it loud
There's a star behind the cloud

It's wrong to say we've achieved nothing
We've fought to keep a dream alive
And after we're gone the dream will live on
Our legacy will be be that it survived
From little acorns oak trees are growing
We've been nurturing the seed
Take pride in knowing where we're going
And having the guts to take a lead


Our enemies think we've been defeated
But remember they've been proved wrong before
Don't forget we're not beaten yet
That was just a battle not the war
I see a bright new tomorrow
Things can't remain as they are
The ideologies they follow will prove hollow
Behind the cloud there's a star


(c) 2007 Katt Pie Records

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