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What About Love (M. Brooks)

I was in Bristol airport, just back from gigs in Italy with the band. Band mates were trying to encourage me to start dating again but I wasn't ready. They meant well but they were forgetting something. That gave me the idea for this song.

My good friends are telling me
It's time to move on
It's time to get over you
And accept that you're gone
They only want what's best for me
They're trying to be nice
They're so sensible and logical
When giving their advice

But what about love? That's a word they avoid
Perhaps they don't want to upset me or get me annoyed
But love not logic governs how I react
I love you – and that's a fact

And so I've been out
To try to forget
I've to be single
And there's a woman I've met
My head says “Go for it”
And I know that I should
I've no cause to feel guilty
She could do me some good

But what about love? When that rears it's head
She and I would have no future
When I love someone else instead
It would sit on my shoulder as we try to interact
I still love you – and that's a fact

You've told me it's over
I don't know how many times
I know I have to believe you
And get you out of my mind
It takes two to tango
But only one to stop
You stopped; it's over
Whether I like it or not

But what about love? Will it fade in time?
If you ignore it will it wither on the vine?
How long will take after you ended our pact?
'Cause I still love you, and that's a fact

But what more can I do?
What more can I say?
I can try to ignore it
And hope it goes away
It's not a good place to be
It's sad but it's true
You don't love me
But I still love you

So what about love? How do I break free?
You got out of it's power, how do I break free?
I may look free and single but I'm lonely and trapped
'Cause I still love you, and that's a fact

(C) 2015 Katt Pie Records

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