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Who's He? (M. Brooks)

Dare I admit it? This was inspired by the Busted song "Who's David?" not musically of course but the idea of writing a jealousy song. I guess that means I wrote this in 2003.

It hung around in my personal "back catalogue" until this subject matter seemed to suggest a fit with the themes of "The Year Of The Dragon" album.

Who’s he? What's he to to you?
Why do you know him? How well?
Do I worry? Damn right I do.
Should I worry? Time will tell

I don’t recall you mentioning this bloke to me before
Perhaps you did perhaps I could be wrong
I was ignorant of him I won’t be anymore
I’ve noticed how well you get along


Yeah, you’re pretty pally with this bloke that I’ve just met
I feel excluded from your cosy little chat
The longer it goes on the more frustrated I get
I love to see you smile but not like that


Middle 8
I knew it from the moment we first met I’m yours
And I’ll stay your until the end of time
You know it too so don't forget that I’m yours
I’m yours – And you’re mine


You’ll say it’s all innocent you may believe you’re right
But I can see the glint in his eye
You probably won’t go with him but I’m scared you might
And I never ever want to say goodbye


(C) 2015 Katt Pie Records

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