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You're Wrong (M. Brooks)

Sometimes it's not even worth arguing.

Most of the world is grey it's not just black and white
Dawn and dusk are long it's not just day and night
That's what what I always understood but you've made me think again
It's hard to believe what you said when you opened your mouth just then

You're wrong! You're just plain wrong
How can you think that? What planet are you on?
Thought there were two sides to every coin but that belief has gone
All thanks to you 'cause you're just wrong

You see it though your eyes and I see it through mine
But it's not just blind faith with you, it's just plain blind
It's generally wise to see the other point of view
But for you I'll make an exception, for you it isn't true


There's no point in trying to change your mind and I don't want to fight
There are two sides to the argument but you're wrong and I'm right
I don't ask for any credit I won't say I told you so
'Cause anyone with any sense should know


(C) 2015 Katt Pie Records

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