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Alcohol & Rain (25th Anniversary Edition)

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"New" Album! - RELEASED ON 9th SEPTEMBER 2023

The 25th Anniversary edition of our debut album includes every track from "Alcohol & Rain" either remixed (remix) or reworked (25)

+ 7 bonus tracks! Four tracks recorded at the time that for one reason or another didn't make the album and 3 "radio edits" (Non swearing versions).

On top of that we'll include a copy of the original album from 1998 for you to compare and contrast. (If you already have this version and want the US version from 2003 let us know).

The reworked tracks are all from the original master tapes but with tweaks, a new vocal here and extended chorus there, bringing the tracks closer to where they have evolved in our live shows over the years.

Track listing:-

1. Milgi Milgi (25)

2. The Modena Rambler/Rhamp Penllyn (25)

3. Rhiannon (Remix)

4. Skull Attack (Remix)

5. Laura (25)

6. Sean (25)

7. Alcohol & Rain (Remix)

8. Calon Lân (25)

9. Siobhan (25)

10. Hair Of The Dog That Bit Me (Remix)

11. Jeffrey Bernard Is Unwell (25)

12. 20/20 Vision (Remix)

13. Sosban Fach (25.)

Bonus Tracks

  1. Polkas:- Mark's Polka/Dinas Powys Polka/Mark's Other Polka/Dinas Powys Polka
  2. Child Of The Ocean
  3. Sean (Remix)
  4. Rebel's Farewell
  5. Hair Of The Dog That Bit Me (Radio Edit)
  6. Jeffrey Bernard Is Unwell (Radio Edit)
  7. Rhiannon (Radio Edit)

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