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20/20 Vision (M. Brooks)

I don't like goodbyes but I do like goodbye songs. I like the idea of a triumphant goodbye "I don't need you" type song. Not sure I've ever pulled that off in real life though.

I said it wouldn't come to this but then we know what I'm like
I've got 20/20 vision with the benefit of hindsight
It's true I try to learn from my mistakes
But It always seems there's plenty of new mistakes to make

And it's easy looking back to see where you've gone wrong
The page can't be rewritten so we'd best just move along
There's nothing I can do and there's nothing I can say
So goodbye, farewell, I must be on my way

We stopped being friends just after we began as lovers
It's too late for our friendship now move on and find another
Like it said on that badge you bought that shop in Pen Y Bont
Experience is what you get when you don't get what you want


Quit while you're ahead is a phrase that I've heard spoken
But too often we hang on to things long after they're broken
It's sad to see us quit while we're behind
But it's best to cut our losses now and find new hills to climb


I'd like to see you happy I don't fear the green eyed monster
If asked what I am to you I'd say "The one who used to want her"
And if you see me with someone else please don't make a fuss
Or kid yourself into believing it could have worked for us


(c) 1997 Katt Pie Records

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