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Here Be Dragons


Wild Celtic music from Wales. Traditional Welsh folk songs and original songs,

mainly by Mike Brooks, performed by Here Be Dragons.

Click on the song title for the lyrics and a note from Mike about the song.

Alcohol & Rain     (Lyric Video)     (Live in Bologna, Italy 2009)

Allez Les Blues     (Video)

Another Opportunity Missed     (Video)

Ar Fy Mhen Fy Hun     (English Translation)

A Wyddoch Chi     (English Translation)    (Video)

Back To Barry Town     (Video)     (Live In Chepstow, Wales 2021)     (Lockdown Video)

Bing Bong Be     (Lyric Video)

The Bitter End     (Video)

Bracchi     (Live in Bologna, Italy 2015)

Bread Of Heaven     (Lockdown Video)

Bridges Not Walls    (Video)     (Lockdown Video)

Calon Lân     (English Translation)     (Lyric Video)

Can't Be Arsed

The Caroline Street Strut     (Video)     (Live In Urbino, Italy 2012)     (Lockdown Video)

Catrin's Sister

Celtic Bonding     (Video)     (Live in Grillon, France 2007)

Cyfri'r Geifr     (English Translation)     (Video)     (Live in Milan, Italy 2015)

The Day Will Come     (Lyric Video)     (Lockdown Video)

Does Dim Digon O Gwrw     (English Translation)

Drunk & In Love

Estragon Song     (Video)

Estragon Song (Radio Edit) - non swearing version     (Video)

Fire's Still Burning

Galway Rose     (Video)

Goodnight Cariad

The Hair Of The Dog That Bit Me

Hapus Iawn     (English Translation)

Hearts & Brains     (Lyic Video)

Hen Blant Bach     (English Translation)

Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau     (English Translation)

Hollol     (English Translation)

Hope You're Happy     (Lyric Video)     (Video)

I Cried A Lot

I Hate Love

I'm Going To Llandrindod Wells     (Live in Bologna, Italy 2015)     (Lockdown Video)

I'm Not Drunk     (Video)     (Live in Chicago, USA 2007)     (Lockdown Video)   

It All Comes Down To Money     (Video)     (Live In Bologna, Italy 2014)

I Used To Believe

Jail Caerdydd     (English Translation)

Jeffrey Bernard is Unwell     (Lyric Video)     (Video)

The Jolly Juggler

Laura    (Video) 

Lawr Ar Lan y Mor     (English Translation)     (Lyric Video)     (Lockdown Video)


Lock Up Your Daughters     (Video)

Men Of Harlech     (English Translation)     (Lyric Video)     (Video)

Migldi Magldi     (English Translation)     (Video)

Milgi Milgi     (English Translation)    (Lyric Video)    (Video)     (Lockdown Video)

The Modena Rambler (1998)

The Modena Rambler (2023)       (Lyric Video)

Moliannwn     (English Translation)    (Video)     (Lyric Video)

Monkey Man     (Lockdown Video)     (Toots & The Maytals Video)

Mountain Mary     (Lockdown Video)

Naill Ar Ol Llall     (English Translation)     (Live in Port En Besin, France 2005)    (Lockdown Video)

Not In My Name     (Video)

One Last Look

One More Night In Novellara     (Video)     (Lockdown Video)

One More Year

One Night Stand

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Ready For The Rebound     (Live in Meriel, France 2016)     (Lockdown Video)

Rearranging Deckchairs On the Titanic

Rebel's Farewell (Lyric Video 'Gargling with Brains' version)   (Lyric Video 'Alcohol & Rain' version)  

Rhiannon     (Video 1992 version)     (Live in Cardiff, Wales 2014)

Sean     (Video)

The Senghenydd Explosion     (Video)     (Live in Bagnocavallo, Italy 2007)

Siobhan     (Video)

Skull Attack     (Lyric Video)     (Video)


Slammed 2019     (Video)

Sloop John B.     (Video)

Song For The Dying

Sosban Fach     (English Translation)     (Lyric Video)     (Video)     (Live in Chicago, USA 2007)

Star Behind The Cloud     (Lyric Video)

Too Far     (Lockdown Video)

Tri Peint O Gwrw     (English Translation)     (Video)

20/20 Vision     (Video)     (Lockdown Video)

What About Love     (Video)

Who's He?

You're Wrong

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