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One More Year (M. Brooks)

A true story. "Hearts And Brains" is on a similar theme but this is more sentimental and less beer oriented.

The backing vocals feature Siaran (Subject of the song) and Rakie Ayola (BAFTA winning actor!). I did youth drama with Rakie many years ago.

I was going back home for Christmas
On one occasion I can't forget
I got chatting to a girl ahead of me in the ticket queue
That was how we first met
I no longer recall the time of day
I don't even remember the weather
I remember you at Paddington Station
And us leaving on the train together

Now one more year's nearly over
We've traveled one more year down the line
Here we are again like now like then
Going home at Christmas time

If we'd been traveling in different directions
We might have parted there and then
You'd have gone your way and I'd have gone my way
We'd have never seen each other again
Now we've traveled together a long way since then
It hasn't always been easy I know
But if you think of that time at Paddington Station
Who'd have thought how far we'd go


Now as I walk along the platform
I get a feeling of deja vous
I can't recall the number of times I've been here
Alone or with you
But of all the times that I've been here
One occasion sticks in my mind
It was when I met you at Paddington Station
For the very first time


(c) 2001 Katt Pie Records

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