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Hearts & Brains (M. Brooks)

The true story of how I met Siaran and the part that Brains SA beer played in the early part of our relationship. The song "One More Year" from the Celtic Bonding album tells the same story.

'The Old A' ('The Old Arcade'), 'The Windsor' and 'The Star' were our three most frequented pubs of the time, in Cardiff, Barry and Dinas Powys respectively. The Old A and The Star are still open (Sadly not The Windsor) - pay them a visit and have a pint for us.

On a west bound train around Christmas time
We had our first conversation back in 1989
We came out of the tunnel and we let out a cheer
For the Land of Our Fathers and a decent pint of beer

Here's a toast to S. A. Brain, to 'The Old A', 'The Windsor' and 'The Star'
Long Live the beer that takes his name, hw else could we have got this far?

I remember the night when we first kissed
We'd had six SA s we were more than half drunk
I walked you to the station but you missed the train
So you got home in a taxi in the pouring rain


In the Arms Park we cheered the Blue & Blacks
They had a solid scrum but we had more fluid backs
When the game was over we went to The Old 'A'
With a pint or two of Skull Attack we were on our way


Now I'm looking forward to our wedding day
When we do the toast could we use SA?
I hope we have a kid or two just after we're wed
And guess how I'm going to wet the baby's head

With a pint or two from S. A. Brain
In 'The Old A', 'The Windsor' and 'The Star'
Long Live the beer that takes his name
How else could we have got this far?


(c) 1995 Katt Pie Records

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