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Skull Attack (M.Brooks)

Written in honour of the Cardiff beer Brains SA known affectionately as "Skull Attack".

This was the first song Here Be Dragons ever played. We started our first concert with this in Herne Hill, London back in 1992. It's remained a live favourite so it has regularly featured in Dragons' live sets ever since.

All day long I've been thinking
I am in the mood for drinking
Very soon I'll try sinking
Fifteen pints of Skull Attack

A guy came down from Port Talbot
Went to Caroline Street for Chips and Halibut
Then he went into The Albert
For to water down his snack
The beer was good he drank it all night
At the end he wasn't feeling all right
He'd been used to drinking Albright
Not... fifteen pints of Skull Attack


Into a Kiwi I went bumping
He said that Rugby was a fun thing
He taught me about line out jumping
He said he'd once been an All Black
He said Welsh rugby was in ruins
That we didn't know what we're doing
But he couldn't fault our brewing
After.... fifteen pints of Skull Attack


Girls if you're feeling randy
And you see a bloke you fancy
But haven't got a condom handy
You must not get in the sack
If he drives you to distraction
You may yield to the attraction
You'd best put him out of action
With.... fifteen pints of Skull Attack


(c) 1992 Katt Pie Records

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