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Men Of Harlech (English Translation)

"Rhyfelgyrch Gwŷr Harlech" is the Welsh language title we should be using but for some reason we tend to give the title in English.

Behold the bonfire flaming white
And tongues of fire cheering
On the brave men coming to strike
Time and time again

By princely shout
Voices of noisy armed enemies
And the knights galloping
Rock, the great rock

We never won a river
Sung forever
Wales will have been as Wales
Praised among countries

In the white of the light scattered bonfire
Welshman died over ledges
Independence is calling
For it's bravest man

And repellent will not kill enemy
Harlech, Harlech rise to the oppressed
The major Donor our freedom
Gives us strength

Look Wales and it's armies
Are pouring from the mountains
Flowing like water in waterfalls
Leaping to the sea

Success to our forces!
Frustration to the invader
He will know in his heart
How a Briton's sword bites

The sword against sword plays
Steel against steel and smite
See the flag of Gwalia high
She will have freedom

(c) 2015 Katt Pie Records

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