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Too Far (M. Brooks)

A new song for the Lockdown Dragons shows. 2020 was a year of separation for many people. It certainly was for me.

I was in a happy place
You and I were face to face
But now, I'm somewhere else completely
Well I'm trying to be strong
Tell myself it won't be long
But sometimes the loneliness defeats me
Now I'm stuck at home
Another night alone
I guess it's the same for you wherever you are
From where I am to where you are
Is really not that far
But as long as we're apart – it's too far

It's too far, far too far
We're far too far apart
It's too far, far too far
Between our lonely hearts
You're too far, far too far
Too far away from me
It's too far, too far from here
To where I want to be

I'm sure I'll be alright
I'm just having a bad night
The pain will go the moment we're together
But right now it's tough
I've had just about enough
It feels like we've been apart for ever
Perhaps a trick of the light
But as I looked out tonight
I convinced myself I can see a new star
And even though it's far
To that distant star
It feels no more out of reach than you are

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