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I Used To Believe (M. Brooks)

A fun but bitter and nasty song. The sort of things that you say in a row that you regret later.

I remember you said I was fantastic
I remember lapping up each word you said
Now I wish I'd never listened
Right now I wish that I was dead
How could you treat me so badly?
How could you be so cruel?
How could you destroy all we had
You’re a selfish heartless bitch and I’m a fool

I used to believe you were only thinking of me
I used to believe love would see us through somehow
I used to believe you when you said you loved me
But I don’t believe you now

I trusted you - you let me down
I trusted you, fool that I am
You said it and you still say you love me
You say it but you don’t give a damn
How could we ever have a future?
How could I have been so naïve?
How could you have fed me so much crap?
Those stupid lies I wanted to believe

I used to believe that our love would last forever
I used to believe you would never break your vow
I used to believe we were meant to be together
I don’t believe you now

I loved you at least that’s what I though
I loved the woman I thought you were
But I didn't love you just the image you portrayed
I don’t love you I love her
I had faith in a fairy tale ending
I had faith that dreams could come true
I had faith in a happy ever after
It will be happy ever after after you

Now I believe I’m better off without you
Now I believe you’re a two faced lying cow
Now I I believe it's time to stop the bullshit
I don’t believe you now

(C) 2015 Katt Pie Records

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