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Bitter End, The (M. Brooks)

Probably the most miserable lyric I've ever written but then I wasn't in a good place when I wrote it. It has been cathartic for me so hopefully it will be for some other people too. If not, sorry. The song does groove quite well if the lyrics don't get you down.

I said I'd stick with you until the bitter end
Though it's more bitter than ever I expected
Now, when you're no longer afraid to offend
I've never felt so hurt or so rejected
The lips that said they loved me are now screaming of hate
If there's a thin line between the two, you've crossed it
A future without you I can't even contemplate
I had a dream, but now I've lost it

So this is it
This is when we part
When you make the break
And break my heart
When we stop being lovers
Or even friends
This is it
The bitter end

I swore I would love you until the day I die
And I kept my promise that I won't desert you
You made me a promise too but you told a lie
And it takes someone you love to really hurt you
I know we've rowed and you've threatened to leave me before
But this time I can see that it's for real
My love gives you the power to hurt me to the core
And you cut so deep it'll never heal


(C) 2015 Katt Pie Records

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