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Hair Of The Dog That Bit Me, The (M. Brooks)

Sometimes rebound relationships are necessary but can be a little hard on the one who is used to get over the more meaningful relationship. I guess I've been on both sides of that story.

I think it's best to just enjoy it while it lasts.

In 'The Glen' on an international day
Heard a girl with an American accent say
"Shame that you don't serve S.A.
What else can you git me?"
She got a pint of bitter instead
Turned at looked at me and said
"I'm tryin' to cure my achin' head
With the hair of the dog that bit me"

She said "I had a heavy session last night
Then me and my boyfiend had a fight
Now he's gone the little shite
But I'm glad the bastard quit me"
I said "Last night I got pissed in Penarth"
The boys in the corner sang 'Sosban Fach'
We agreed there was time for another swift half
Of the hair of the dog that bit me

Too ra ra Too rye eh
Tomorrow will be better than yesterday
With a pint to help me on my way
Of the hair of the dog that bit me

We kept in touch and got along fine
We sent each other Valentines
She even knitted me a jumper one time
But took it back when it didn't fit me
We often went to the pub with each other
And the next day we would have to recover
So we'd go back again and order another
Of the hair of the dog that bit me


One night as we walked along the coast
She said I'd exorcised the ghost
Of the man that she'd once loved the most
And then it finally hit me
She didn't say who she preferred
But left it for me to infer
The only thing I was for her
Was the hair of the dog that bit me

She buggered off not long after that
She just walked out and left me flat
I felt like I'd been such a prat
For letting her bullshit me
I went off to drown my sorrows
Drinking like there was no tomorrow
For weeks as in self pity I'd wallow
In the hair of the dog that bit me


Wish she was with me sitting here
As I gulp another pint of beer
I've only got one souvenir
That Valentine's card she writ me
I wish I could have read her mind
To know that she'd leave me behind
Perhaps there was a clue in how the card was signed
"To the hair of the dog that bit me"


(c) 1995 Katt Pie Records

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