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Moliannwn (English Translation)


Now young men give praise the spring has come
The Winter and cold have passed
There are leaves on the trees in the gentle pleasant sun
And lambs are prancing on the hillside

All rejoice cheerfully
There are better times coming ha hallelujah
And after the bad weather we'll make money like smoke
There are pleasant signs ahead
Fwdl ladl la fwdl ladl la
Fw la la la la la la

Fwdl ladl la fwdl ladl la
Fw la la la la la la

The Robin comes with a merry tune on his breast
And the grasshopper is singing
And we hear whip-poor-will and toads by the thousand
From the woods mumbling and whisltling


We'll go down to the town where we'll be really happy
And plenty of singing and dancing
And in the company or nine or ten fair maidens
Where the enjoyment of the world shines


(c) 2015 Katt Pie Records

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